10 Lies You’ve Always Been Told About Your Phone

Lies You've been Told About Your Phone

Our Phones has become a very integral Part of our life, and it’s hard to imagine a day without them. However, with the widespread use of mobile phones, there are also many myths and lies that people are being told about their devices. And today, we will debunk 10 lies that people are being told about their mobile phones.

1. Lies that You Need to Charge your Phone Overnight:

One of the most common lies people have been told over time is that they should charge their phones overnight. Meanwhile, this is not true. Overcharging your phone can damage the battery, and it’s better to charge it only when it’s necessary.

2. Closing Apps saves Battery:

Another common myth is that closing apps saves battery life. this is not the case. In fact, closing apps can even use more battery life because Most Apps Have many Processes running the the Background of your phone and even if you do close them, the Background Processes will still keep running in your phone’s background.

3. More megapixels mean better Camera Quality:

While it’s true that more megapixels can provide better image quality, it’s not the only factor that determines the camera’s performance. Other factors like sensor size, aperture, and image processing also play a crucial role, So don’t just automatically think when you have more megapixels on your phone then it’s the best.

4. Your phone is Waterproof:

Many phones are marketed as being waterproof, but this doesn’t mean that they can withstand all types of water exposure. It’s important to read the manufacturer’s guidelines and not assume that your phone is completely waterproof. A friend of mine once had a Funny experience with this when he tried dipping his phone into a swimming pool and the rest was history 😂

5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Causes Cancer:

This is a baseless myth that has been debunked by numerous studies. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use low-frequency waves that are not harmful to humans. It’s Surprising where these lies are coming from but it is what it is.

6. You should always use a Screen Protector:

While screen Guards or Protectors can protect your phone’s screen from scratches, they can also reduce the screen’s clarity and touch sensitivity. It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to use a screen protector.

7. lies that You need to buy a new phone Every Year:

This is a marketing tactic used by phone manufacturers to encourage people to upgrade their devices more frequently. However, most phones can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. Unless you’re a Phone freak getting a new phone Every year is unnecessary.

8. You should always use the original charger:

While using the original charger can ensure that your phone is charged quickly and safely, using a compatible third-party charger is also safe as long as it meets the required standards. For Example The likes Oraimo Chargers and co. in Nigeria Charge Phones even faster than some Original Chargers.

9. Airplane mode will charge your phone Faster:

This is not true. Airplane mode only disables your phone’s wireless functions, which can reduce battery drain, but it doesn’t affect the charging speed. The only Way your Phone Charges faster is if you’re using i powerful charger or your phone comes with an inbuilt Flash Charging Feature.

10. Your phone can be hacked through public Wi-Fi:

While public Wi-Fi networks can be less secure than private networks, it’s not as easy to hack into your phone as many people believe. However, it’s still important to be cautious when using public Wi-Fi and avoid transmitting sensitive information.

In conclusion, there are many lies people are being told about their mobile phones. By debunking these rumous & lies, we can make informed decisions about how to use and care for our devices. Remember to always verify information before believing it and to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for accurate information about your phone.

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