See how you can Avoid a Disturbing Call Without Blocking the Number

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Sometimes You Might Not Want Anybody to Call You And That’s Fine You Can Easily Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode, But What If You want To Be Able to Make Other Calls Yourself or You Want to Use Your Mobile Data?

That’s impossible to Do when Your Airplane Mode Is On, So What I do Instead Is Call Divert/Call Forwarding Which Is Quite easy and Effective, This Way You’re Unable to Reach Me But I Can Reach You Myself or Still do Other Stuffs On My Phone Without Disturb.

To Activate Call Divert, Here’s How

• Launch the Phone app
• Tap the 3-dot button at the top-right corner.
• Select Settings
• Tap Calling Accounts
• Select the SIM card you want to Activate The Divert On
• Tap Call forwarding
You’ll see four “Call forwarding” options and their status there:
> Always forward,
> When busy,
> When unanswered, and
> When unreachable.
• Tap on the Always Forward, then tap TURN ON on the screen.

NOTE: Don’t Input Correct Number, Unless You Really Want to Forward the Call To Another Line that’s Active, Use Service Numbers Instead Like 180, 121 & Co.

To Disable The Divert Just Follow The Same Steps and TURN OFF Always Forward Divert.


If You’re Having Difficulty with the above method, You Can Use The USSD Codes Instead.

Just Dial **21* Phone Number*11# to Activate Always Call Divert/Forward All Calls.

To Deactivate it Simply Dail ##21# and That Should be It.

This Tip Should Really Be Useful for Mostly Online Gamers who Are Trying to Avoid Calls During Thier Gaming Session.

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