If your Phone has a Low RAM Storage, here’s how you can make it run Faster

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If the RAM of your phone is low, then this post was specially made for you.

The joy of using A Smartphone can’t be match when your phone is new and running very fast and smooth,

but along the line some smartphone will become slower and laggy after a long period of time especially the one with low RAM Storage.

Here are some things that Might be Slowing your phone down and how to Fix Them

1. Background Apps – They are a few things that can make your phone Slower and Laggy with the most popular one being Applications,

Most Apps now run in your Phone’s background which means even if you’ve Closed the Main Application it still has some processes running in your Phone’s background

which is not necessarily a bad thing as this will make the App to carry out its work properly

but what if it’s occupying too much Space on your RAM Storage and slowing down your phone’s performance?

• To Fix this, First thing is to go Through your phone and Uninstall all the Apps you don’t Need on your Phone, this will help free up some space on your phone.

• Secondly, You Have to Close apps you’re not using regularly, now this can be frustrating

because sometimes you can’t really close the apps one by one as they may be too much to close

what I recommend is to download an app that will do that for you regularly,

so I will recommend you download either of the two apps below on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.


Any one of these apps download will help you close apps running on your phone’s background automatically

so you don’t have to worry about closing them yourself.

2. Battery Optimisation – Another way of making your phone run Smoothly is by optimising the battery usage,

most apps running in the background will usually run down your battery so by optimising your battery you are indirectly restricting Apps from consuming too much space on your RAM storage as well as saving your battery life.

Follow The Steps Below;

• Turn On Adaptive Battery – Go to Settings > Battery > Tap on the 3 dots On The Upright > Click On Battery Usage

A List Of Apps Will Display, Click On Any.

Click On Battery Optimisation

• Select any App you want to Optimise from the Displayed list of Apps

• Then Optimise

After following all the steps you noticed that most of the apps you have optimised will close automatically

if they remain idle for sometime, This will Save Your Battery Aswell as Make Your Device Run Smoothly.

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