How to Stop pop-up Ads on your Android Browsers

How to block pop-up Ads on Android phone
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If you are tired of those annoying pop-up ads that seem to appear out of nowhere on your Browsers while browsing on your Android phone? You’re not alone. Pop-up ads can be intrusive and disruptive, but there are steps you can take to regain control of your browsing experience. So in this post I’ll outline a few steps on how to stop pop-up ads on your Browsers on Android phone.

Pop-up Ads and How to Disable them on your Browsers?

Pop-up ads are a common form of online advertising that appear in separate windows or tabs, often blocking the content on the web page you’re trying to view. They can be triggered by various actions such as clicking on a link, visiting certain websites, or downloading apps.

These ads can not only be annoying but also potentially risky, as they might lead to malicious websites or unwanted app installations.

To disable these type of ads follow the 2 methods I’ve outlined below

METHOD 1: By Adjusting Your Browser Settings

One of the most effective ways to stop pop-up ads is by adjusting your browser settings.

Follow and carry out these steps on your browser’s settings:

1. For Google Chrome:

How to Stop pop-up Ads on Android Phone
Google Chrome

• Open Chrome and tap on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.

• Go to “Settings,” then navigate to “Site settings” and select “Pop-ups and redirects“.

• Toggle off the switch to block pop-ups.

2. For Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox Logo

• Launch Firefox and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner.

• Go to “Settings“, scroll down to “Privacy & Security“, and tap on “Permissions“.

• Disable the “Pop-up windows” option.

3. For Samsung Internet:

How to block pop-up Ads on Android phone
Samsung Internet Logo

• Open Samsung Internet and tap on the three vertical dots.

• Go to “Settings“, then “Sites and downloads“.

• Toggle off “Pop-ups and redirects“.

METHOD 2: By Installing an Ad Blocker

Another effective method to prevent pop-up ads is by installing an ad blocker. These apps can detect and block ads before they even have a chance to appear.

Here’s how to carry out this method:

1. Download an Ad Blocker App:

• Visit the Google Play Store and search for reputable ad blocking apps like “Adguard“, “Block This!” or “AdBlock Plus.”

• Download and install the app of your choice.

2. Configure the Ad Blocker:

• Open the ad blocker app and follow the setup instructions.

• You might need to enable certain permissions for the app to function effectively.

After that the Pop Up ads will disappear on your Browser and you’ll be able to have a Smooth Browsing Experience

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