Opay Login With Phone Number

Opay login With Phone Number
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If you’re having difficulty with Opay login with phone number, here I’m going to explain the functions and why logging in with phone number Opay will be beneficial to you.

The importance of phone number as an easy and convenient login method can’t be over looked that’s why I feel it’s more easier to use Phone number Method for Opay.

Here’s How to use Opay with a phone number

Step 1: Creating an Opay Account with Phone Number

To create and Opay account you’ll need a phone number so follow the Steps below to create an account.

• Go to the Opay Website and Get The App

• After Installing, Open and Click on the “Sign Up” button

• Input your phone number and personal details then submit

• Wait for the code to arrive and Verify your phone number through OTP (One-Time Password)

You Can Also Carry Out This Process with USSD Check Out: Opay USSD Code – Every Details & why you should know them in 2024

Step 2: Logging in with Phone Number on Opay

After creating your account with Opay, you can now use the Opay login With Phone Number Method, follow the simple steps below.

Opay login With Phone Number
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• Open your Opay App

• Click on the “Login” option

• Then Enter your phone number

• Enter the OTP received on your phone

• Click on the “Login” button

Benefits of Using Phone Number to Login your Opay

1. Ease of use and convenience

If you’re using Opay login with phone number, it’s quite easy and convenient because you probably know your phone number off-hand and that becomes an added advantage as you can easily type it and login with no issue on any device.

2. Enhanced security through OTP verification

Another advantage of Opay login with phone number is that, security wise it is very safe, because you’re you’re logging in mostly from a new device it it will verify if you’re the really owner of the account by send an OTP (One Time Password) to your Phone Number for verification which is a really helpful security feature.

3. No need to remember a username or password

Now on Opay login with phone number there’s a feature you can enable that can help you auto login each time you open your Opay App, To Set This Up Just go to Your Opay > Settings > Login Settings > Remember Password, and Choose any of the Options below.

Opay login With Phone Number
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Final Thoughts on Opay Login With Phone Number

Opay Login with Phone Number gives you a convenient and secure way to access your Opay account. you can easily create an Opay account and log in using your phone number. To Enjoy the benefits of stress -free login and secure transactions with Opay.

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