Privacy Alert: here are 3 Ways to Hide Files on Android devices

3 Ways to Hide Files on android devices
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If you’re an Android User Privacy is very essential especially when you give out your phone to others to use and that’s why you should hide your important files, so here are 3 ways to hide files on android devices be it Pictures, Videos, Audio, PDFs or any file format at all.

Methods to Hide Files on Android Devices

Now, There are several ways to do this, Some devices may have Thier own inbuilt ways to hide files, which in that case it will be more easier to hide your files.

Also there are Third Party Apps that will do a good job in hiding your files aswell some of which I’ll mention later on. But my focus will be on the most official methods with none or minimum risk attached.

So, I’ll draw out 3 methods and Thier guide to help you understand how to hide your files on android better

1. How to hide files on android devices with Files By Google

3 Ways to Hide Files on android devices
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This app will most certainly be in your phone at the time of purchase, which infact has made the job easy for you. Files By Google for me is the best app out there to hide your files with and It is quite easy to use and very trustworthy.

How to hide files on android devices with Files By Google

3 Ways to Hide Files on android devices
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  • If you don’t have the Files by Google app on your phone already, Download it here
  • Install the App, Open and Select Safe Folder
  • Create a Password for your Safe Folder
  • Now, Locate the Files You want to hide
  • Select them and Click on the 3 dots on the Top right, then Move to Safe Folder
  • Once this is done, the files in Safe Folder will no longer be available anywhere else on your device.
  • To Access the Files, You Simply need to Visit the Safe Folder and Enter your Password to Access The hidden files.

That’s how you hide your files using Files By Google App. Quite simple, isn’t it? Now onto the next one.

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2. Hide Files on android devices Using File Manager

3 ways to hide files on your android devices
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Now, This Method is quite easy aswell but might be complicated at first if you’re not used to manipulating files, but if you’re a control freak and like getting your hands dirty, this method is for you.

It’s basically an Old Skool method but it still works

How to hide files on android devices using File Manager

First Things First, You Need A Realiable File Manager App and here are some suggestions for you.

1. File Manager

2. Xplore

3. ZArchiver

Now, if you’ve downloaded any of the File Managing apps above, you just have to follow these Few Steps.

  • Create A New Folder (e.g MyFiles)
  • Now Locate all the Files You want to hide and move them to the New Folder (MyFiles) you just created.
  • After moving all the files into the Folder, Now Rename the folder and add dot(.) at the beginning of the folder name.
  • If the folder for example is MyFiles now rename it to .MyFiles
  • After this the Folder and all The Files in it becomes Hidden and cannot be access anywhere on the device.
  • To Undo this go to the Settings of the File Manager App You’re Using and Enable Show Hidden Files Option.
  • Once Enabled Check Where the Folder was before you renamed it, the Folder will appear as a hidden Folder Now Rename and Remove the dot(.), The Folder and it’s files will become Visible now.
3 Ways to Hide Files on android devices
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3. Hide Files on android devices with .nomedia extension

This method Works identically with the method No. 2, They might be a slight different but since the Previous method already does it’s job you shouldn’t need this method.

Final Thoughts

So, I guess you now have Ways To Hide Files on Your Android, and also, Make Sure You Choose a Good File Manager I already listed 3 Above although there are more File Managers on Google Play store, Those listed above are the ones I like, You can Also Download ES File Explorer On Play Store, It Works magic aswell.

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