If You mistakenly added an extra 0, don’t worry, here’s how you can Convert Airtime to Cash on All Networks

This guide will help you with methods or platform for you to Convert your Airtime to Cash

How to Convert Airtime to Cash
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If You’ve been in a Situation where you mistakenly Recharged more airtime than you intended to, you’ll understand how hard it is to Convert in into cash, So I’m Going to Show you How to Convert Airtime to Cash with Some Legit Platforms where you Can easily Convert Your Airtime to Cash If You Mistakenly Recharge more than You want.

• Convert Airtime to Cash using Palmpay

Palmpay Is The Most Legit Platform where you can Convert Your Airtime to Cash At This Moment in Time, The Only Issue is It Only Works for MTN for now, follow the Steps Below

If You Don’t Have A PalmPay Account CLICK HERE to Open an Account,

After Registration, You’ll be Redirected to Download the PalmPay App, after that Open The App And Log In,

Then Look for RECHARGE2CASH on the Main Menu As Shown in Screenshot below

Screenshot 20230531 144800
• Recharge2cash

Click On It And Provide the Phone Number where the Airtime you Want to Convert Is.

Screenshot 20230531 144830
• Sell Airtime

You’ll be Asked to Verify Your Number, Just Follow The Instructions and You’ll be Fine, When You’re Done, Input The Amount of Airtime You Want to Sell And It will Be Converted. NOTE: You’ll be Charge a Fee It Might Be Up to 20% of The Airtime you’re Selling.

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• Convert Airtime to Cash Using GloverApp

GloverApp is an app that lets Users Carry out various Financial Services, Such As Buying of Airtime and Data, Buying and Selling of Gift Cards, Electricity Bill Payments, TV Subscription and the one we’re most interested in Airtime to Cash Conversion.

To Use The GloverApp Service CLICK HERE and Register for Thier service, then look for the Airtime to Cash Service on your Dashboard and Follow the Procedures.

How to Convert Airtime to Cash
Glover Airtime to Cash Conversion

• Alternative Method to Convert Airtime to Cash for Other Networks

Now if You Use Other Networks such as GLO, AIRTEL & 9mobile that could not be converted with the platforms above, here are Some Legit Websites where you can Convert/Sell Your Airtime,

NOTE: We’re in no Way Affiliated with the Platforms Below, We are just giving them a shout-out because we have or May Have made successful Transactions with them in the Past and believe they Were or Are Legit in thier Dealings.

1. Abmardata.Com.Ng

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