See how you can block Ads on Twitch for PC & Mobile

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Just incase you don’t know yet, Blocking annoying ads while watching your favorite Twitch streams can greatly enhance your viewing experience. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of how to block ads on Twitch, to ensure smooth and uninterrupted entertainment.

Understand Why Twitch Have Ads

Twitch utilizes various types of ads to support content creators. These include preroll ads that play before a stream, midroll ads during a stream, and display ads on the website. Blocking these ads requires specific steps.

Methods To Block Ads On Twitch

1. Use of Ad-Blockers and Browser Extensions

Ad-blockers and browser extensions are very effective tools to block Twitch ads. They work by identifying and preventing ads from loading on web pages, including Twitch and every other apps and websites that contain Ads.

Here are Some Best Ad-blockers Currently Available are:

AdBlock: A widely-used ad-blocking extension available for most browsers on PC & Mobile.

How to block Ads on Twitch

– For PC, Click Here to get this Adblock Extension on Your Computer.

– For Mobile, Click Here to Download Adblock from Google PlayStore.

NOTE: They Are Many Other Ad-blockers on Chrome Web Store & Google PlayStore should you decide to use ones.

uBlock Origin: A powerful ad-blocker that is known for its efficiency and customization.

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For PC, Click Here to Get This Browser Extension

AdGuard: Offers both outstanding ad blocking and privacy features, making it a comprehensive choice.


For PC, Click Here to Get Browser Extension.

For Mobile, Click Here to Download the Adguard App.

These extensions can be easily installed from your browser’s extension store on PC, or if you’re on a Mobile you can get these apps on your Google PlayStore or App Store for Android and iPhone Respectively and that is How to block Ads on Twitch

Once installed, You Just Have to Turn it On and they will automatically block most ads on Twitch, although some Ad-blockers may have advanced settings for you to look into and they will be labelled with description Aswell for no Cause for Alarm should you decide to advance your Ad-blocker’s settings.

2. Twitch Turbo Subscription

Another Method on How to block Ads on Twitch is that Twitch offers a subscription called Twitch Turbo, which provides an ad-free viewing experience among other benefits. So By subscribing to Twitch Turbo, you can support the platform and gain an ad-free experience across all channels.


Now you know How to block Ads on Twitch. So, Blocking ads on Twitch can significantly improve your viewing experience, and you have various options to choose from. Whether you opt for ad-blockers, browser extensions, or Twitch Turbo, always remember to consider supporting your favorite streamers through other means as well.

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