How to Clear Error Code on GoTv (Works for E16,E17 & All)

Clear GoTv Error codes
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I’m guessing you’ve had an Error code on your GoTv, which is quite common due to technical issues sometimes, and because there are many ways so solve this problem, it can be somehow complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing, So I’ll be outlining different method and guidelines to Clear the Error Codes

What Causes error codes on GoTv?

Before we go into how to solve the error code issues, first we need to understand the cause of the error code, below are some of the causes of error codes in GoTv and How to Clear Error Code on GoTv;

Signal Issues – This is one of the main causes of error codes, which is Weak or Interrupted signal and it can happen often due to Bad Weather.

Subscription Problems – sometimes error can occur when you have some issues on your GoTv such as Payment Delay, Incorrect account details or expired subscriptions.

Cable Connections – Wrong, Faulty or Lose Connection amongst or between the Cable, TV and other devices can lead to Error Code on your GoTv.

Smartcard Problem – if you incorrectly insert your smartcard or your smartcard is malfunctioning, this can surely lead to errors.

Decoder software issues – any problem with your decoder’s software can cause errors, mainly due to outdated software, corrupted files or incomplete updates.

Hardware malfunction – in some occasions hardware failure within the decoder or antenna can cause error.

Electrical issues & Interference – if your Power or Electricity Is fluctuating it can disturb the decoder, also if there are other certain Electronic devices around or near the GoTv Setup it can cause interference with your GoTv signals.

Steps to Clear Error Code on GoTv

Now that i’ve stated most of the reason error occurs in our GoTv, I’ll now proceed to the tips to follow when trying to Clear Error Code on GoTv.

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Step 1. Identify The Error Code

When you come across an error on your GoTv, they usually display some specific error codes on the Screen e.g E16, E17, E30 e.t.c

Take Note of the Type of code it’s displaying because it will be very important in the troubleshooting process.

Step 2. Restart your GoTv Decoder

When you get an error code on your GoTv it’s advisable to try a simple restart, because sometimes it might not be a serious issue that’s the first step on How to Clear Error Code on GoTv.

So Unplug the Power cable from the back of the Decoder, wait for 15 Seconds and Plug It Back In then wait for the Decoder to Boot up Completely to see if it solves the Issue.

Step 3. Check the Signal Strength and Cable connections

Make Sure all the cables and the antenna included are well connected to the Decoder and the Wall Outlet,

Also make sure that there are no Bad or Damaged Cables.

Step 4. Refresh Your GoTv Subscription

Like I mentioned earlier, Subscription issues can be a cause of error, So If You Have An Active Subscription you’ll have to refresh it.

You can do this by sending an SMS with “RESET (ICU Number)” to 4688.

Step 5. Check and Update your Decoder’s Software

You’ll need to check if there’s an Update available for your Decoder’s Software and Update it, You can Follow the Instructions provided by GoTv to Complete this Step.

Step 6. Use GoTv Self Service for How to Clear Error Code on GoTv

If you apply all the Steps Above and your issues Haven’t been fixed, you can then use the Self-service platform GoTv provided where you can troubleshoot and Solve Common Issues such as Clearing Errors Codes of course.

You can Visit Thier Website Here and Tap on the Menu Screen on the Top Right and Choose Self-service from There to see How to Clear Error Code on GoTv

Alternatively, You Can Download GOtv App From Google PlayStore.

If After all The Steps Above You Issue Still Wasn’t Solve, Kindly Contact GOtv Customer Care, They Will Provide Proper Support and Guide You On How to Troubleshoot and Solve Your Issue.

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