How to Clone Apps on iPhone (Easy Method)

If you’re searching for a way to Clone Apps on your iPhone then you’ve found the right article, i’ve made the steps in a simple form so you can easily understand what you need to do.


Quite a lot of iPhone Users wants to have multiple copies of the same app on their iPhones for different reasons and Cloning apps can be a very convenient way for managing multiple accounts or maintaining different app configurations on your iPhone. So If you’re looking for how to clone apps on iPhone, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you carry it out.

Understand the Concept of App Cloning

Cloning apps are basically duplicate copies of existing apps that can be installed and used separately on the same device.

They allow you to keep separate instances of an app, each with its own data and settings. This can be useful for managing work and personal accounts, testing different app versions, or keeping your data compartmentalized.

Compatible Tools for Cloning Apps

There are several third-party tools and techniques available that can help you clone apps on your iPhone, even though some of these apps Carry out Thier operations differently they all produce the same outcome.

Here are Some of the most popular options:

  • iMazing: This Software provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to create app duplicates without jailbreaking your device. It supports a wide range of apps and offers easy data transfer between cloned apps.
  • Dual Space: Available on the App Store, Dual Space allows you to clone and run multiple instances of apps. It’s especially useful for social media and messaging apps.
  • App Cloner: While not available on the App Store, App Cloner can be sideloaded onto your iPhone. It offers advanced customization options for cloned apps.

How to Clone Apps on iPhone using iMazing

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You’ll need a Computer for this Method as described below, You Can Download iMazing and follow the steps below.

Download iMazing Software Here

Step 1: After Downloading and install iMazing on your computer and connect your iPhone.

Step 2: In iMazing, select your device and click on “Apps.”

Step 3: Choose the app you want to clone and click on “Copy to Device” to create a duplicate.

Step 4: Customize the cloned app’s name and icon if you wish.

Step 5: Once the cloning process is complete, disconnect your iPhone from and open the cloned app.

How to Clone Apps on iPhone using Dual Space


Using Dual Space Is Quite easy and straightforward, Download and follow the directions below.

Download Dual Space Here

Step 1: Download and install Dual Space from the App Store.

Step 2: Open Dual Space and add the apps you want to clone.

Step 3: Customize the cloned app’s name and icon.

Step 4: Note That you Can only Access the cloned apps through the Dual Space app.

How to Clone Apps on iPhone using App Cloner

App Cloner
Credits/App Cloner

As Previously mentioned this App Is not available on the App Store, But You can get is from their Official Website below and it Can Be Sideloaded as it’s one of the best App Cloning Software around, You Can Visit App Cloner’s Website Below to Download the app and for More Informations,

Visit App Cloner’s Website Here to Download

Here are The Steps to use the app After you get it.

Step 1: Download and install App Cloner on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to sideload App Cloner onto your iPhone.

Step 4: Use App Cloner to select and customize the apps you want to clone.

Step 5: Once customization is done, launch the cloned apps from your device.

Important Factors to Consider

Before you start cloning apps on your iPhone, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • App Compatibility: Not all apps are compatible with cloning tools. Some apps may not function properly when cloned.
  • Privacy and Security: Cloned apps might not receive updates and security patches, potentially leaving them vulnerable.
  • Storage Space: Cloned apps consume additional storage space, so ensure you have sufficient storage available.
  • Device Performance: Running multiple instances of resource-intensive apps may impact your device’s performance.

Clone apps can offer valuable flexibility for iPhone users who need to manage multiple accounts or app configurations. By using reputable cloning tools and considering important factors, you can successfully clone apps without compromising your device’s performance or security.

Please NOTE: that while app cloning can be beneficial, it’s important to use these tools responsibly and adhere to the terms of service of the apps you’re cloning.

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  1. Tried iMazing, but didn’t get it to work: “copy to device” doesn’t see the iOS device (though Mac Finder does see the iPhone in the “Location” section of the sidebar).

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